Fearing the pendulum has swung too far and the morality of Vienna’s citizens too lax, the Duke departs on a foreign embassy and leaves his Deputy General Angelo to re-enforce Vienna’s strict civil laws. Following the letter of the law Angelo arrests a young citizen named Claudio for the capital offense of impregnating his girlfriend before marriage. Isabella, a novice nun and sister to Claudio, appeals to Angelo for her brother’s life. Confused by the reason and conviction of her argument, Angelo finds himself in love with Isabella. Will Angelo be swayed by Isabella’s call for mercy? Or will Angelo fall prey to his baser impulses and use his power to possess the young nun?

Does society need its morality dictated by civil law? Is mercy or justice more important to the health of a nation? Does humanity need the death penalty to keep itself in line?


Meet the cast of Quintessence Theatre’s Measure For Measure.

Damon Bonetti* (Duke Vincentio) 

Sean Bradley (Claudio)

Kaki Burns (Juliet) 

Joy Farmer-Clary* (Isabella) 

Doug Greene (Provost)

Jennifer Hutten (Mariana) 

Tanya Lazar (Escalus)

James Stover* (Angelo) 

John G Williams (Lucio) 

*These actors appear courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association.