Christopher Marlowe's


Mar 30 - Apr 30, 2016

Doctor Faustus is a world renowned scholar, celebrated for his mastery of all the academic disciplines. Frustrated by the intangible power of his learning, impatient with the limits of the natural sciences and fueled by the hubris of his genius, Faustus breaks his university’s rules and turns his study to black magic. Conjuring the devil, Faustus sells his soul for 24 years on earth with infinite knowledge and requests the devil’s servant Mephistopheles as his personal assistant. In this dark comedy, Christopher Marlowe’s epic adventure follows Faustus through space and time to test the limits of the human mind when it knows all, but lacks a soul.

Doctor Faustus is recommended for ages 13 and older due to violence and sexual content.  This production contains water-based haze.  Running time is 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission.

Performed in rotating repertory with Saint Joan.


“Quintessence’s approach to it all—concept, roles, costumes, visuals, smoke, crazy stuff, light, and sound design—is remarkably original and gloriously entertaining.” - Phindie

"Director Alexander Burns achieves the remarkable feat of updating this 1593 play for modern eyes and ears, with an enthralling pace and movement choreography that entrances.” - Philadelphia Inquirer

"Faustus flies above the world on a real stage-filling dragon. It must be seen to be believed. Dr. Faustus gets this critic’s highest recommendation. Raves all around for this one.” - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"The scariest thing about Alexander Burns' Doctor Faustus is that he makes the whole thing look like so much god damned fun.” - Talkin Broadway

"Doctor Faustus is as lavish a staging as you will ever see. The play turns into a bacchanalian party!” - Chestnut Hill Local

The Creative Team

  • Directed by Alexander Burns

  • Lighting Design by Brian Sidney Bembridge

  • Costume Design by Jane Casanave

  • Puppetry Design by Martina Plag & Curtis Coyote