Henry V

September 22 - October 17, 2010

Quintessence Theatre opened it’s inaugural season at the Sedgwick Theater in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia on Saturday, September 25th with the penultimate play of Shakespeare’s epic history cycle HENRY V.

Many dismiss Shakespeare’s history plays as flat and messy genre hybrids that are only interesting to those knowledgable and interested in British history. In this timeless coming of age tale, presented by an all male cast, you truly become part of this band of brothers. “We few, we happy few.”


The HENRY V ensemble cast included:

Andrew Betz 

Bernard Bygott 

Chris Caron 

Josh Carpenter 

Sean Close

Chris Davis 

Dallas Drummond 

J Connor Hammond 

Alexander Harvey 

Oliver Fox 

Paul Hebron 

Joseph Newmann

Ken Sandberg

Johnny Smith 



Directed by Alexander Burns

Sound Design by Phillip Peglow 

Choreography by Sarah Sanford