The Brothers' Grimm


Dec 9, 2015 - Jan 3, 2016

An economic downturn puts a successful builder out of work and leaves him, his second wife, and their two children in dire straits. Feeling like burdens to their struggling parents, Hansel and Gretel run off in the middle of the night and try to survive on their own. On the verge of abandoning hope, they stumble upon a glorious house made out of gingerbread and are welcomed inside by a wealthy old woman who invites them to live with her. Have their lives been saved, or is the fantasy life they have found not what it seems to be? Complete with songs by David Cope, this contemporary retelling of Grimm’s Hansel & Gretel will continue Quintessence’s tradition of family classics for the holiday.


Meet Composer David Cope - And hear a song from Hansel & Gretel. 



  • Sean Bradley* - Hansel

  • Alan Brincks - Father / Ensemble

  • Faith Fossett - Mother / Ensemble

  • Anita Holland - The Witch / Ensemble

  • Clare O'Malley* - Gretel

  • Robert Stineman - Ensemble


  • Directed by Alexander Burns

  • Light Design by John Burkland

  • Costume Design by Jane Casanave

  • Projection Art by John Williams

  • Choreography by Kaki Burns & Alexander Burns

  • Original Music and Lyrics Composed by David Cope